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Gay Male Artists

or Male Artists Who Are Gay Friendly








  Actor - Colin Farrell


  Movie - Beautiful Thing


  Actor - Heath Ledger


  Movie - Brokeback Mountain


  Actor - Heath Ledger Fansite


  Movie - Brokeback Mountain Discussion Board


  Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal


  Movie - Latter Days


  Actor - Jeremy Piven


  Movie - Trick


  Actor - Jeremy Piven Home




  Actor - Matt Battaglia





  Actor - Paul Mercurio




  Actor - Reichen


  Distributor - TLA Video


  Actor - Reichen Group



 Distributor - Wolfe Video

  Actor - Russell Crowe




  Actor - Russell Crowe, Unofficial




  Actors - Cinemale












  Agency - Art Minds Surf and Sport Photography


  Model - Lucky Vanous 


  Agency - Mega Muscle Productions



 Model - Rusty Joiner


  Agency - Strength Net Entertainment, LLC












  Artist - David Bollt


  Photographer - Aaron Cobbett


  Artist - Grease Tank


  Photographer - Atomic Photography Studio


  Artist - Hagur's Atelier


  Photographer - Carl Deal


  Artist - Ismael Álvarez


  Photographer - Chris VenHaus


  Artist - Jeff's Muscle Studio


  Photographer - Dan Nelson - Male Visions


  Artist - Miguel Arias


  Photographer - David Morgan


  Artist - Stephen Player


  Photographer - Hank Williams


  Artist - T C Smudge


  Photographer - Jay W


  Artist - Tom of Finland Foundation


  Photographer - Jeff Palmer


  Artist - Walden Works


  Photographer - Lawrence Grecco


      Photographer - Mark I. Chester



Photographer - Mark Lynch


      Photographer - Mark Studner


      Photographer - Patrick Demarchelier


      Photographer - Paul Roberts


      Photographer - Robert John Guttke 


       Photographer - Tom Bianchi





Photographer - Yoga Bear Studio










  Media - Abercrombie & Fitch


  Music - Ari Gold


  Media - Academy of Television Arts and Sciences


  Music - Creed


  Media - Commercial Closet


  Music - Danzig


  Media - Gaydar Radio


  Music - George Michael


  Media - Naked News Daily Male


  Music - Jeffrey Altergott


  Media - Out Voice


  Music - Josh Zuckerman


  Media - Rainbow World Radio


  Music - Matthew Heath-Fitzgerald


  Media - Sirius OutQ Radio


  Music - Melissa Etheridge


  Media - Sundance Channel


  Music - Queer Music Heritage


  Media - The Reichen Show


  Music - Quentin Elias


  Media - Will & Grace


  Music - Ricky Martin


      Music - Ricky Martin Music




  Music - Robbie Williams


      Music - Rodney Carrington


      Music - Scott Free


      Music - Warren Cuccurullo












  Gallery - Adonis Art of London



 Performance Artist - Flying Angel


  Gallery - Art Net




  Gallery - Erotic Art Collection




  Gallery - Homoerotic Art Museum




  Gallery - Just for Guys




  Gallery - Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation




  Gallery - Matt and Andrej Koymasky














  Publisher - Foto Factory


  Writer - Annie Proulx


  Publisher - Twin Palms


  Writer - Clint Jefferies












  Theater - Wings Theatre Company



 Interior Design - Robert Daigle







No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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