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About Wide Receiver

I am not easy. I am just user friendly.

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South Park version of me  Ninth Grade Picture  Wide Receiver, Autumnal Equinox 2006
Webcam Self Portrait, September 2005 Webcam Self Portrait, May 2005 Webcam Self Portrait, November 2004
Webcam Self-Protrait, June 2004 Webcam Self-Protrait, April 2004 Webcam Self Portrait, October 2003
Webcam Self-Portrait, July 2003 Webcam Self Portrait, Spring 2003 Fine Art KodaLith Print
Webcam Self-Portrait, Fall 2002 Webcam Self-Portrait, Summer 2002
Fall 1999 - Lighting Class Model Summer 1999 Workshop Model Pencil Sketch by MICA Student, early 1990's



About Me

These web pages are about things I like to do, people I like, and other things abut me. You may Search for topics by keyword, as well.



Friends, acquaintances, fuck buddies, web rings, and other affiliations.


My description, interests, hobbies, etc.
Sexual Interests


My Fetishes and other sexual interests.
Things Anal


Things I like to do with and to my ass.
Things Oral


Things I like to do with my mouth and tongue.
Things Other


Things I like to do with other body parts.


My Personal Straight Acting Rating. My Job's Straight Acting Rating. My Pet's Straight Acting Rating. is currently going through a refit.


New Year's Resolutions for 2007:

  1. I want to go double wide in fisting.
  2. I want to go elbow deep in fisting.
  3. I want to get fisted more often that I will be able to take a hand up my ass as easily as taking a dick.
  4. I want to get gang banged more often, the larger the group the better. I will take any and all loads up my ass, always.
  5. I want to pull trains more often; the longer the better. I will take any and all loads up ass, always.
  6. I want to get fucked more often that I will be able to take any dick up my ass, even get double-dicked, any time, anywhere. I will take any and all loads up my ass, always.
  7. I want to give more blowjobs. I always swallow but I would rather mouth lube you dick so I can take it up the ass and suck your dick clean when you are done fucking and cumming in my ass.
  8. I want to rim, felch, and suck dicks clean more often but I am NOT into scat.
  9. I want to drink piss more often that I will be able to take any dick in my mouth and swallow piss, full stream, without loosing a drop.



Contact Information

Location -
I born, raised, and live in Southern Harford County, in the northeast corner of Maryland, at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, in Mid-Atlantic Region, of the United States of America. I am outside the Aberdeen Proving Grounds -Edgewood Arsenal Army Base; if any military guys want to get serviced. 
Mailing Address -
Wide Receiver
Post Office Box 1115
Havre-de-Grace, Maryland 21078-8415
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General Information:



No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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