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Other Things I like to do.



Since my physical disability forces me to a bottom, I consider my ass (asshole, rectum, and on up) to be my primary sex organ. I consider my mouth my secondary sex organ. I even consider my nipples to be a more important sex organ than my dick.



Nipple Play

My nipples are like two little dicks. If only they could cum. They are both pierced, currently with 8 gauge rings. I like using a vacuum pump to try to make them bigger and more suckable. I would rather have my nipples sucked on than my dick. Some of the best after-sex or post play that I have had has been where the guy just lays there sucking on one of my nipples until he falls asleep. I also like sucking on nipples and will return the favor. One of my favorite set of nipples was on a bodybuilder I used to see. He had gynecomastia from the steroids he used and when he was cycling his nipple were always swollen and sore. Just like some dairy cow that always needed milking, he got into having his nipples sucked and I actually could get him to lactate, for lack of a better term, an almost clear liquid, which did make him feel better and made me horny as hell. Just in case you were wondering, he never sucked dick but he would take it up the ass - go figure. I would have thought that he would swallow all the man juice he could get when he was training. 

Dick Play

Due to a physical disability (i.e., nerve damage to my lower body), I can no longer top. Basically, trying to giving me a blowjob is a waste of time. I can still jerk-off but I have to have something stuck up my ass to shoot. The dick does not get hard much anymore unless there is a lot of (i.e., big, long, hard, and deep) anal stimulation and even then it is hit or miss. Yes, I have tried the wonder drugs and they do not help my situation. So, I am now a 100% bottom; I do not have a choice in this matter, anymore. I am more likely to have an anal orgasm than a conventional orgasm and believe me an anal orgasm beat a dick orgasm any day, anyway. Please do not mistake a lack of "response" for a lack of interest.  I also use a vacuum pump to play sometimes just to see what it used to look like when it could get hard. I have a 0 gauge Prince Albert.

Ear Play

Do not ask me why but I have a thing for ears. I like to have mine tongued and chewed on (NOT like a certain prize fighter, though) while I am being fucked. My ears are also pierced with three rings in each ear lobe. When I could top, I always liked guys with ears that stuck out; they made good handles to hold on to when you faced fucked them.  I guess I still like guys with ears that stick out, anyway.



No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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