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Oral Things I like to do.



Since my physical disability forces me to a bottom, I consider my ass to be my primary sex organ. I consider my mouth my secondary sex organ. I even consider my nipples a more important sex organ than my dick. 



Sucking Dick, Giving Head, Blowjobs, Head jobs, etc.

I will suck dick before, during (either sucking another guy's dick while being fucked or switching ends with the dick I am currently on), and definitely after a fuck session. It is great when a top switches back and forth using both my holes but I prefer that he squirts his load in my asshole. I will suck all tops' dicks clean after they have finished either fucking my ass or other bottoms' asses. If you do not want to cum in my ass or another bottom's ass, then stick your dick in my mouth when you get ready to squirt. I will swallow any and all cum loads.

Rimming, Felching, Eating Ass, etc.

I will eat any clean ass (sorry, NOT in scat) tops, bottoms, especially if they have just been fucked or fisted, and will swallow any cum I can suck out of the hole of another bottom.

Watersports, Golden Showers

I like drinking piss hot right from the dick (nothing is worse than cold piss or warm beer) rather than from a container. I need to find some regular piss tops, with some good tasting piss :-), to practice swallowing piss. Eventually, I would like to be able to take any man's dick in my mouth and drink his full stream without missing a drop, anytime and anywhere.

Kissing, Swapping Spit, Snowballing, Tongue Wrestling

I like deep, sloppy, wet kissing especially with a top whose dick and ass I have just finished servicing. I also like snowballing - swapping cum as well as spit in a kiss. I like tonguing ears, licking faces, sucking nipples, etc.



No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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