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Anal Things I like to do.



Since my physical disability forces me to a bottom, I consider my ass to be my primary sex organ. I consider my mouth my secondary sex organ. I even consider my nipples a more important sex organ than my dick.



Fucking, Barebacking, Ass Job, Corn Holing, etc.

I like getting fucked bareback. I like feeling the connection with my top; the skin to skin friction. I like feeling him squirting his load deep inside my guts and then feeling him squish it around inside of me until he goes too soft to stay in, if he goes soft. If he can stay hard and go again, then so much the better. The more cum loads the better. I've always been very good at pulling trains and really enjoy doing it, especially through glory holes, and getting gang banged at parties (construction crews on the work site, on a break or just off work, are the best but biker runs are always great).

I do enjoy one-on-one action with guys who know how to fuck, quality over quantity. It would be good to find some regular bareback fuck buddies - no condoms, no pullouts, no strings, no explanations, no questions, no excuses, no apologies, no regrets, and no exceptions.

Fisting, Handballing, Wrist Riding, etc.

I like getting fisted especially after getting fucked. Crisco and cum mixed together inside my ass makes the best lube. J-Lube is good, too. So far, I have only been able to take one hand. I would like to be able to go double wide and/or elbow deep. I would love to have a gaping hole or a prolapsed rectum, that sticks out between my ass cheeks, that would show everyone I could take a fist, any time and anywhere. Not something turned inside out like a rosebud but rather something stretched out and down like a short elephant trunk. I need to find some regular bareback fisting buddies, too.

Dildoes, Baseball Bats, etc.

I have a variety of dildoes that I use to keep my hole stretched out but nothing beats the real thing. Guys should not waste their cum by jerking off and shooting their stuff all over the floor or on a rag when I can take it up the ass and suck their dicks clean when they are done. Failing that, I have gotten guys either to let me suck them off or to jerk them off and use their cum to lube up one of my dildos. I also like taking baseball bats up the ass - the aluminum ones are the best because they can be pinged.

Enemas, Piss Fucks, etc.

I like using other guys' piss to clean out whenever possible but that is not always practical so a shower shot does it most of the time. Most guys have a hard time staying hard enough to stay in my ass while being soft enough to piss, so they usually piss in an enema bag. However, some of the best fucks I have had involved getting fucked, taking the guy's load, and then taking the guy's piss up inside my guts.


I really like using a vacuum pump to try to pull out my asshole even more, whenever possible, after getting fucked, fisted, or dildoes. I also like using it on my nipples, a lot! Oh, sometimes I pump my dick, too.




I seem to have had a lot of jobs where I have been able to either have sex with guys on the spot or make arrangements for sex with guys later.

One year at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), I was a student janitor at the Student Union so I had a set a keys to almost every room in the building. I was specifically told that one particular men's room in the basement was only open during regular weekday hours, never in the evenings and never on the weekends because it had a "reputation". Well, I usually worked Saturdays and the powers-that-be did not; so naturally, I would conveniently forget to lock it back up after I had made my cleaning rounds. It did not take long for a regular and surprising large group of guys and their friends to start showing up on Saturday mornings before things started getting busy at the Student Union. Since I started early, I would get my break early and I would head straight for that head. It got to the point where it became sort of a contest to seem how many guys could fuck and cum in my ass in the hour I had for lunch. I think my best score was 35 guys but it was never less than a dozen guys after the game got started. Of course, I was always sucking one, sometimes two dicks, at the same time. I have no idea how many cum loads I swallowed. In addition, there would be guys just watching and jerking-off; when they came, I would either have them shoot it in my mouth or down the crack of my ass to lube whatever dick was fucking me at the time. I had quite a reputation back then and I always seemed to be ducking into a storeroom, a locker room, or men's room with some guy, straight or gay, for a quick one. No one gave me that much grief since I was 6'4", 200#, and in pretty good shape back then. If fact, the gang bang guys really loved it when I was bent over and wearing an old high school football jersey. 

Another job I had at the UMCP was as a desk clerk in Ellicott dorm, the jock dorm. I was hired because I was a Physical Education major so I knew most of the jocks on sight, if not by name. I usually had the graveyard shift at the security desk, at the back entrance, across from the student laundry room. Yes, college boys will do their laundry naked if for no other reason than to get everything washed. It was an all male dorm, anyway. Like I said before, word had started getting around about me and it did not take long for some of the guys to start stopping by or to start doing their "laundry" at say 3:00, in the morning. It was pretty easy to see the back entrance from the entrance of the laundry room and you could easily hear anyone opening the outer doors or the stairway doors at the far ends of halls. Even the elevators were pretty noisy. It was not hard to bend over a washing machine for some dick and keep an eye and an ear out for the next potential fuck or asshole as the case may be. Most of my roommates were pretty cool about me being homosexual because I did not act queer. I was more or less one of the guys; who just happened to like dick instead of pussy. They did not fuck around with me while they were my roommate and they did not want me fucking around in the room while they were there but they sure as hell came around to fuck me in my room once they were not my roommates anymore - go figure. That problem should have gotten solved when I got a roommate who was also gay. Unfortunately, he was an asshole and a some of the guys did not like him so I still ended up in taking care of business in the bathroom showers or down in the basement most of the time.

I got my nickname, "Wide Receiver", because being a PHED major, I usually had some kind of jersey on, usually a football jersey. Hell, everyone in the dorm wore jerseys of some kind being the jock dorm. A few of my floor mates were in black fraternities and their pledges always traveled around in lines of at least half a dozen or more. Some times my floor mates would ask me to meet them in the basement of the dorm, usually, or someplace else they could secure and make private like a storage room under one of the temporary building by the Main Dining Hall. I would strip down to my shoes and my jersey, lay back on a table or something with my ass scooted down to just over the edge, and spread my legs as wide as I could so my rectum was open wide for them to use. I learned early to keep my jersey on to keep from sliding around in the sweat and cum. After pulling a couple of lines, my asshole would just sort of gape open wide and they could see pools of cum laying inside my rectum - so I became their wide receiver from my wide open rectum and the football jersey I usually wore. Pretty soon, I was the Wide Receiver to all the guys. I was well know not only for being a good one-on-one fuck but for being the best gang bang bottom on campus. For a while there, not a day went by that I did not have cum oozing out of my asshole, creaming up my ass crack, and running down the back of my legs.

I never seemed to have any trouble finding sex on the UMCP campus from the first night I stayed there during Orientation to last day that I worked there as a full-time clerical employee at an academic department.

Frat boys were always an easy fuck since they would stick their dicks any willing hole be it in a Richie Coliseum men's room or a house that frat brothers rented off campus. The first time I stayed away from home all summer was at that house. I shared a bedroom with one guy, another guy had the small bedroom, and the last guy had the basement. From the third night on, I was riding my roommate's dick last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I was sucking the small bedroom guy's dick two or three times a day (he had been wasting his cum jerking off that often prior to me swallowing his loads). The guy in basement was high so often, he couldn't get it up but he was good at taking it up the ass. He never acted like he knew I was fucking him but when he was "passed out", he would always be naked on his bed, belly down, and ass in the air with baby oil or some kind of lube beside his bed. A lot of the Greek guys stopped in at that house that summer.

A lot of students and employees always seemed to like a no-strings, quick fuck whether it was on the men's rooms of the third floor of McKeldin Library, in the basement of Armory (especially during basketball intramurals), and Cole Field House (especially during wrestling camps). The locker rooms of Cole Field House and the North Gym were good, too. Some athletes were housed in Richie Coliseum and Byrd Stadium, like swimmers and lacrosse players (never met a lacrosse play who was not an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic). Whenever, I made the rounds, like the "Pizza Man", I always got dicked. At one end of the scale, swimmers like to do it one-on-one and were pretty vanilla but lacrosse players were pretty wild at the other end of the scale, into double fucks, piss play, fist fucking, and even cheering each other on to cum as fast or as many times as they could in me while I was pulling their train.

The biggest dick on campus though belonged to a black groundskeeper named Lou - literally as thick and as long as a forearm, uncut, and could shoot a half a cup of cum. The thing would have been a porn legend if he had the brains and connections to get into porn. Being a groundskeeper, he was as big and muscular as his dick was. He walked everywhere because he could not get a driver's license, so he had some especially big leg and ass muscles. He was almost a daily regular when he found out I could take his uncut monster all the way to his balls and he could pound me as hard as he wanted and I needed (the lacrosse players definitely got my hole trained up for this). He first caught me getting gang banged by a couple of pick-up basketball teams in one of the temporary concessions stand around the mezzanine of Byrd Stadium, the day after a game. As the guys tagged in and out of the game, they went in and out of me, on my back with my legs spread wide, being the Wide Receiver, as usual. The other guys were done with my ass and their game and I was pulling on my sweat pants when he came over to me and asked if he could use my ass too. After that, we did it almost everywhere on campus, from the bushes in the middle of day just yards from students walking by to a back alley near the "Vous" (Rendezvous, off-campus bar, grill, and vomitorium) where straight guys would come to piss on their way back to campus. Of course, with me taking a huge dick up my ass, I would always oblige them when they asked me for a blowjob and sometimes I would get to practice my piss drinking. However, our favorite spot was a storage space under the Cole Field Pool where some of the swim team, a few of the lifeguards (I was one for one summer), a couple of the pool operators, and, of course, Lou would get together with me to get blowjobs, to get rimjobs, and to fuck me. You could get to it only through the equipment room on one side and then going back through an access way or through the men's locker room pool showers through little more than an access panel in the side of the clean supply room and going back through the access way on the other side of the pool. 

More to cum . . .


No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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