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Gay Sex Pigs



Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig is a lone wolf who lives for the hunt and lives for hunt of multiple sex partners, new and used. All that matters to a gay sex pig is the next dick, the next fuck, and the next load of cum up his ass or down his throat.
Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig craves cum like a vampire craves blood. They will go to any extremes to get themselves a fresh load. They also love piss, too, but like cum, only fresh and warm right from the source.
Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig sees sex as a 365/24/7 holy calling - a sacred duty that he must fulfill. A gay sex pig never turns down the opportunity to worship the dicks of other men. A gay sex pig never rejects any dick. A gay sex pig must always let it be know that his body is an open cum dump for any and all men. A gay sex pig is a sperm bank that is open all the time for any hard dick to make a deposit. Age, race, orientation, looks, etc. are all unimportant.
Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig knows that the best sex is raw, anonymous, impersonal, promiscuous, and even public sex. Gay sex pigs know this and live by it. The more sex the better. Gay sex pigs are experts at pulling extremely long trains and getting gang banged by large groups of men, especially through glory holes.
Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig knows that there is no difference between the uncut horse dick of a 22-year old bodybuilder and the cut pencil dick of a fat 70-year old troll. As long as it is the real deal and as long as both are hard, then both are equal, because cum is cum. If anything, the gay sex pig will ride the troll cock even harder because it is sleazier and, to a gay sex pig, it is all about the sleaze.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs have sex anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with any number of men in men's rooms, parks, woods, bathhouses, locker rooms, bookstores, porno theaters,  truck stops, back roads, parking lots, or anywhere else a man will pull out his dick and let the sex pig service it. The last place a gay sex pig wants to have sex is in a bed with only one dick but he will do it because if it is the only way to get another cum load.
Biohazard Symbol A gay sex pig lives for cum and will risk everything for cum. That is why gay sex pigs never use condoms and will refuse to  to use them. The only exceptions being that a gay sex pigs either suck cum out of used condoms or they use the cum out of used condoms as lube for the next dick up going up his ass.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs love poppers, ethyl, or anything else that destroys their inhibitions, widens and deepens their holes, gets them nice, loose,  and gaping to remind them of what their life's mission is: The pursuit of cum through skin-to-skin sex.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs are barebackers, all the time, every time. There are no strings, no condoms, no pullouts, no questions, no excuses, no regrets, no apologies, no exceptions, no games, no cruising, no rejections, and no wasted time - wham bams, drill'n'fills, pump'n'dumps, whatever you want to call them.  Truckers love sex pigs because they can cum and go.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs never waste cum, even their own. Gay sex pigs will either they eat their own cum themselves or use it as lube for the next dick up their ass. Gay sex pigs even lick cum up off of the floor and the walls just to keep it from being wasted. There is no such thing as bad cum so no cum is ever wasted.
Biohazard Symbol All gay sex pigs are exhibitionists and enjoy having sex in front of other men. After all, you never know when the spectators will become participants. Again, gay sex pigs are the best at pulling trains, no matter how long, and getting gang banged, no matter how big the group. The ultimate dream of a gay sex pig is to be double fucked by two huge dicks going all the way in and out of their asshole, deep double fucking.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs love taking spit as much as taking cum or piss. Their all great but deep kissing and especially snowballing permits you to share tastes and smells with your partners.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs love giving rimjobs and felching. They are the best ass lickers. Gay sex pigs do not just rim assholes; they tongue fuck, suck, and eat assholes. Of course, there is nothing like sucking cum out of other sex pigs' asses but it is hard to find another gay sex pig will to give up the loads they have collected inside their asses. Sex pigs love sucking dicks clean they have been fucked. Gay sex pigs will suck all dicks clean after fucking men's asses, no matter whose ass the dicks have been fucking. Gay sex pigs will even rim asses while they are being fuck and keep the fucking dick mouth-lubed and hard.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs worship glory holes. A gay sex pig can orally and anally service an unlimited number of men anonymously through a glory hole and do it in record time - for a gay sex pig, it is all about the cock and cum. The great thing about the glory hole point-of-view is that the gay sex pig only sees what he needs to see: The cock and balls of the man he is servicing. That is all he needs to know about his partner of moment.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs are always bottom sluts but never whores. It would be sacrilege to charge for their services. They are to be used as cum dumps and piss troughs by other gay, bisexual, or straight men. If it shoots out a man's dick, then the gay sex pigs will swallow it or take it up his ass. Gay sex pigs love uncut dicks because there is not onlyis there more to worship but, in addition to cum and piss to swallow, there is head cheese, too.
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs usually shave their ass, cock, and balls for easy clean-up and so their riders can see their dicks slide in and out of the gay sex pig. They usually have multiple body piercings and/or tattoos to prove they can be used as rough and hard as needed for dicks to get off inside them. They are particularly fond of pierced nipples and cocks because, even though their throats and asses are their most important sex organs, they still love to play with their cocks and nipples while they are being fucked.  If a gay sex pig does a good job, show him by cumming inside him and sucking or tugging on his nipples. 
Biohazard Symbol Gay sex pigs consider their partners' orgasms to be the center of the gay sex pigs' universe. Nothing else matters in life because gay sex pigs live and die for the orgasms of the men who use them.

It is best to keep rutting up a storm, buddy. It is what separates us fucking faggots from the fucking breeders out there who are destroying us. It also separates from all those sanctimonious faggots who are trying to help them destroy us, from the politically correct, "Uncle Tom", Republican homosexual to the stereotypical and therefore safely recognizable, "Stepin Fetchit", drag queens.



No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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