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Status Widowed after a relationship of thirteen odd years (some more odd than others) and an estrangement. Michael died and I buried him, in January 2004, next to his parents and fulfilled his final wishes. I saw Michael through the deaths of both his parents and three out of four of his grandparents (one died before I met him). A year and day was up in January 2005. 
Orientation Gay, bottom, and masculine (no, they are not all mutually exclusive). I am physically disabled by an adult onset, hereditary, sensory motor neuropathy that makes me a bottom, not by choice, due to nerve damage. Think of it as my way of making lemonade. Before being disabled, I was a top.

Religion is a choice, being homosexual is not a choice. Religion is a lifestyle, being homosexual is a life.

Occupation I am a Photographer and Graphic Artist that is working more and more in digital media but I still use traditional films and/or papers from time to time. I use Adobe Creative Suite II for the vast majority of my projects. I use Corel Painter IX for specialized retouching of images.

I am also a Web Designer; not to be confused with a Web Developer. I can hand-code in JavaScript and HTML if you put a gun to my head. I prefer to use Macromedia's Dreamweaver or Microsoft's FrontPage. I have used Adobe's GoLive but just never cared much for it. Hopefully, now that Adobe has acquired Macromedia, GoLive will go the way of LiveMotion (Adobe's Flash clone). Speaking of which, if I am making a multimedia web object in Macromedia's Flash or Director, I use their on-board scripting utilities.

I am learning Digital Video and Audio Production and Post-Production using primarily Adobe Video Collection.

Photographically, I have done a little bit of everything from shooting catalogue work (commercial photography) to photojournalism to doing informal and environmental portraits. I have even had a few fine art painting commissions.

In my previous lifetime, I was a fitness specialist/personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and an athletic trainer. Maybe one of these days I will go back to school and use all that anatomy and physiology coursework to get a degree in Biology, either in a Microbiology or in a Comparative Anatomy and Physiology concentration. 

Hobbies Sex, Computers, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Paganism, Celtic Culture, and working out as part of my physical rehabilitation (mostly weight training and swimming).
Height 6' 4" (193 cm approx.)
Weight 300# (118 kg approx.)
Sex/Gender Spiritually, intellectually, biologically/physically, and genetically male and I actually like it that way. I just happen to have been born with a mating center hardwired to love men who happen to be spiritually, intellectually, biologically/physically, and genetically male; especially, if they actually like being that way. I love dicks and cum even more.
Born August, 1957 - Do the math for my age. Numerologically, my birthdate is a 4.
Sun Sign is Leo, Rising Sign is Sagittarius, Moon Sign is Gemini, and I have a Stellium in Virgo (I was also born near but not on the cusp of Leo/Virgo).
Religion If I have to have one, then it is Paganism but otherwise I am Humanist.
Body Type Bearish, Physically Disabled - I use braces and a cane on good days, which is most of the time, but I use a wheelchair on bad, long, or unpredictable days. If you cannot deal with the wheels then move onto the next guy. 
Hair I have a full head of dark brown hair but it is currently shaved for a new beginning.
I had grown it long, past shoulder length, out of mourning Michael. It was a past a year and a day in January 2005. I used to shaved it because Michael was very upset when he started to seriously go bald. This time I chose to shave it for myself.
Eye Color Hazel
Wear Glasses/Contacts Yes - I am Myopic with Presbyopic tendencies. I use contacts mostly to avoid parallax errors but have to use reading glasses when I do. The contacts corrected for distance for my photographic work.
Facial Hair It changes from time to time. For a long time, it ranged from a mustache to a fu Manchu to a goatee to a full beard to mutton chops depending on how careful I am with a razor. It is salt and peppered dark brown with some red and black thrown in to confuse people. I am currently clean shaven.
Body Hair Dark Brown and a lot of it, for the most part. Upper chest is starting to go salt and pepper and I  shave my cock, balls, and ass crack (for easy clean-up).
Body Modifications Piercings Ears - I have three in each ear.
Nipples - I have both nipples pierced.
Dick - I have a Prince Albert, which I had gotten with Michael. I guess you could say they were are wedding rings. He also got his nipples pierced to match mine.
Tattoos I still have not found an artist or any designs that I like for my first tattoos.

I am looking for a pair of dragon tattoos that would created a couple of partial sleeves: One, a Sun Dragon design, done in a warm color pallet highlighted with blues and greens, would be a winged reptilian dragon holding a flaming medieval solar disk in its claws. Its wings would be raised over its head to go over my right deltoid, the body and Sun would go down my right upper arm, and the tail would at least start wrapping around the right lower bicep. Its companion, a Moon Dragon design, done in a cool color pallet highlighted with reds and yellows, would be a winged reptilian dragon holding a glowing medieval full lunar disk in its claws. Its wings would be raised over its head to go over my left deltoid, the body and Full Moon would go down my left upper arm, and the tail would at least start wrapping around the lower left bicep. end of the spectrum, holding a medieval lunar disc in its claws. If anyone has seen this design, then please send me a copy of them or tell me where to get a copy of them. I would even be interested in a Celtic version of the designs. 



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No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

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