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You can go in as deep as you want, stay in as long as you want, poke around as much as you want, and cum inside as often as you want.

In the meantime, May the Wheel Turn in Your Favor:


This Solar Festival is the Norse New Year and is another name for the two-month long Tide in Winter (Yuletide). Yule is also a reference to the great Wheel or calendar.  It is the time of renewal. The Winter Solstice was celebrated on December 25 because of the Romans. The Northern Tribes had a better way to determine the Solstice a long time before the Romans screwed things up for everyone.



About this Website

Oh, Shit! The Wide Receiver website is intended for an adult male audience who are into things dark and sticky, crude and earthy - things like bareback fucking, fist fucking, rimming, felching, piss fucking, and more. Flaming queens, raging bitches, self-righteous do-gooders, gender-benders, gayer-than-thou assholes, fundamentalist religious zealots, right-wing fascists, drug and people users, and other geeks, freaks, weirdoes, flakes, nuts, and fruits (lets see, who have not I pissed-off yet in the first few sentences here) need not enter.
Otherwise, all gay, bisexual, and even straight guys are welcome but you must be over the age of consent/majority for your jurisdiction.  Please read the Disclaimer.

Cum inside - where it is nice and warm!


Why this Website?

This website is essentially here to get me laid with no strings, no questions, no excuses, no apologies, no regrets, no bullshit, no condoms, no pullouts, and no exceptions. Fuck buddies are great but not required. Anonymous wham-bams, pump-and-dumps, drill-and-fills, or whatever you want to call them are good, too - one-on-one or in groups. I love gang bangs and pulling really long trains, especially. I am not looking for another long-term relationship. Been there, done that, and I have the t-shirt and the scars to prove it. I had a partner for thirteen odd years (some more odd than others) and I buried him. I really do not want to go looking for that again, actively. However, if it happens, I will not walk away from it. I have never walked away from any relationship in which I became involved. Obviously, if my relationship status does change, then the main reason for this website will change according to the terms of that relationship.

In the meantime, I hope that this website will provide some useful information for some guys and maybe even entertain a few others, as well. As a Photographer and Graphic Artist, I would like to get involved in more creative projects with other men, though not necessarily sexual with me, personally: For example, individual portraiture including nudes, couples' portraiture including nudes, and sexual portraiture ranging from the allegorical to the erotic to the explicit to the raunchy. The idea being that a picture of a two men engaged in kissing or hugging can have the same artistic and aesthetic qualities that a picture of two men engaged in fucking or fisting can have.

I am interested in meeting gay, bi, and straight men who like being men, who naturally act like men, who naturally are tops, and who like having sex naturally. That is bareback, real deal, raw, skin-to-skin sex. I am a bottom but I am not your typical bottom. I do not choose to be a bottom out of mindset or lifestyle preferences, but rather it is a reality of having an adult on-set hereditary sensory motor neuropathy. Think of it as my way of making lemonade. Once I do get into my bottom mode though, I can be a serious sex pig. I spent most of my life and my last relationship as a top; I know a good one when I find one.

Before anyone goes off on a "straight-acting" binge: You should not have to "act" straight or butch if you are homosexual but by the same token you should not have to "act" like a bitch or a queen, either. A homosexual man is by definition attracted to other men. Therefore, if a homosexual acts like a woman, in anyway or any time, then how can he possibly attract another homosexual man? Even if a homosexual is interested in attracting a straight-trade male, acting like a woman is still counter-productive. After all, if the straight-trade male actually wanted to be with a woman then would he not actually be with a woman? Therefore, if he is not with a woman, then it is usually because he is fed-up with the negative traits of a woman, if only temporarily. The same traits, by the way, that are espoused, cultivated, and, indeed, treasured to a high art by various flaming queens, raging bitches, and other effeminate pieces of queer fluff. Just because you are a gay man does not mean that you stop acting like a man.

That said, I am really into male archetypes. I like blue collar guys (e.g., construction workers, truckers, mechanics, bikers, landscapers, delivery guys, and other guys who sweat for a living) because I grew up blue collar. I like jocks (e.g., football players, power lifters, rugby players, body builders, and other strength athletes) because, before being disabled, I used to be a strength coach and an athletic trainer. I like GIs or military dudes (marines, army, etc.) because I grew up and live just outside of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds - Edgewood Arsenal Army Base, in southern Harford County, Maryland, USA. I have a large number of family and friends who are/were in the military (i.e., active, retired/veterans, and even MIA/KIA). Please, feel free to contact me if you are going to be stationed there or if you are going to be passing through there on temporary duty.  The same goes for short and long hall truckers and delivery drivers, since there are a number of shipping hubs in the area. Unfortunately, I cannot host at this time but we can hook-up some place else.


No dick is too long, too thick, or too big for my ass to take long, hard, and deep (and again and again)! Any and all hard dicks are welcome regardless of the owners' age, race, orientation, looks, etc.

Please send any constructive comments, informed corrections, recommended additions, timely updates,
and indecent proposals (ok, decent ones, also)  to
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